Gitwatcher is going to be rebuilt from scratch !

If you were a previous user, please consider this as an opportunity for you to get involved! Did you miss any feature as a gitwatcher? Leave your suggestions to: [email protected] or tweet @gitwatcher

Note: About , Trends , Categories and Sign in with Github navigation links, are temporarily turned off.

On top of github trends

Almost daily an interesting project appears on GitHub and you want to keep track of it because you know, sooner or later you will have to get ride of a similar problem in your own work. Sync and watch your github watch-list is just a matter of Sign in with Github

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Categorizing by tagging

You can assign an arbitrary tag (or multiple) to any repository, being able to find it again the next time you need it. GitWatcher will fill a categorization dropdown tab called “By Tag”. You will be able to display just the repositories tagged “cms”, for example, to compare projects competing in the same field, in a blink of eyes.

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Watch and compare

By clicking on the respective column header, you can also reorder your list, sorting by number of watchers, by number of forks, by creating date or by pushing date, to have a quick check of popularity, community involvement and project freshness.

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